The divorce courts across the United States are overloaded with divorce cases and Illinois is no exception. With one out of three marriages ending in failure, it is no surprise. When there is a married couple with no children, most of the time the divorce proceedings are fairly simple, especially if the couple use the same attorney and there is a mutual agreement of the division of assets.

When married couples with children go through divorce proceedings it gets more complicated and more involved. Now each of the spouse's hire their own attorneys and not only do they have to deal with the division of assets, but now have to come to some type of agreement (court ordered or mutual) of who will have residential custody of the children.  Now factor in maintainance, child support payments and visitation rights. Neither spouse will give an inch and the proceedings can continue for an extended period of time.

In a vast majority of divorces the natural mother retains residential custody of the children, unless the children are of age to decide which parent they would like to reside with. If you are a spouse and believe that your ex-husband or ex-wife is unfit to have residential custody of the children, contact us and we will discuss the matter with you and offer you a course of action best suited for you based on our experience. 
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